Terms and Conditions

Photos and Information Privacy

Photos make your listing more attractive and enable your business or event to be featured in our other marketing channels.

When adding photos, please ensure:

*they are “clean” – no text, messages or watermarks

*they accurately represent your business or event; and

*you have permission from the copyright owner or own the copyright



The Flexibility Factory has a privacy policy that explains how we will treat your personal information in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988. You supply “personal information” to us when you fill in an online registration form, subscribe to our email newsletters, submit postings or comments, or when you email us.

We will never ever give your personal information to any individual or company for commercial purposes.

You must ensure that your personal information is not by any means false, inaccurate, misleading, fradulent or defamatory. Our mantra is be nice to everyone because you don’t know what they have going on in their lives.


Copyright and Acknowledgements

The Flexibility Factory reserves all intellectual property rights, including all content within the The Flexibility Factory website. Written consent from The Flexibility Factory must be obtained before reproducing anything from this website.

By joining The Flexibility Factory, businesses give us the right to use any image on their website in an effort to highlight specific products and direct users back to their website. It is the responsibility of each business to ensure that they have the right to use and publish all images on their website. The Flexibility Factory will not be responsible for any copyright or trademark issues of images supplied to us from businesses



If you act in any way which contradicts these terms and conditions, The Flexibility Factory has the right to terminate your membership without warning and may refuse any and all use of the website – current and future.

Any questions, please contact us at info@theflexibilityfactory.com.au


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