Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy relates to The Flexibility Factory website.

Collecting and Using Information

Information that is collected through The Flexibility Factory website will not be shared or sold to another person. We hate spam and know that it is something that you all hate it too!

The information that we collect is based purely on what you provide us through opt-ins or information you choose to send us through comments, emails etc. You have the ability to amend this information or opt-out at any time.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

The Flexibility Factory may update this policy from time to time – check back in to see if there have been any change.

Links to other websites

Through The Flexibility Factory website, there is links to other websites, we have no control over the privacy policy for those sites – make sure you check their privacy policy details if it is something that you are worried about.

Any questions, please reach out and contact us.


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