Outsourcing Tasks

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Career, Entrepreneur, Freelance

Outsourcing tasks is a common method of working collaboratively where you trust a task to another person.

Whether you are working for someone, are a freelancer or run your own business, you’ll probably have to outsource some of the work at some point, and it can help you create your best work possible.

It can also free up your time to focus on the things that you really enjoy.

Outsourcing tasks works best when someone else is more qualified than you to perform a particular task, or when you simply have too much to do.

However, if a task falls under your area of expertise or you can’t clearly articulate what you want done, it’s better that you complete it, rather than waste time and money.

When you’ve identified a task you can outsource, decide on the level of involvement you’ll want.

Do you need someone to do some research for you?

Or maybe provide you with a solution which you’ll implement yourself?

Do you want to review someone’s proposed solution and then have them implement it?

Once you decide how you want to work, communicate your request to the individual/business whom you are asking to help.

Outsourcing Tasks – What Could I Get Someone Else To Do?


The list is endless of what you could outsource. Some examples of tasks that you could outsource include:-

Writing blogs

SEO review

Social Media


Writing, editing or uploading articles

eBook creation

Web page design

Admin tasks

Data entry






And for around the house:-


Meal preparation/cooking



Purchasing gifts

I Have Outsourced My Tasks – What’s Next?


Make sure that you are clear in your request. You will need to include what you expect the results to look like, when you’d like it completed, and any supporting material they might need to get it done.

If they’re new to working with you, provide a brief summary of the project’s goals and timeline.

The more context and information that you provide upfront, the smoother and easier the process will be.

Once you’ve outsourced your task, you will need to be available to answer questions and monitor progress.

Depending on the task’s duration, you might want to set up a one-time or regular check-in meeting to see how things are going.

Remember that you’re responsible for the overall quality of the work.

Should problems arise along the way, you need to ensure that you get on top of it quickly.

The earlier you address issues, the easier it will be to fix them.

Finally, once your collaborator has completed the work, be generous with your feedback and praise.

Be sure to say THANK YOU and make their contribution clear when your outcomes are achieved.