You deserve the opportunity to work the way that you want to work. Work on  your terms, rather than other people’s.

The Flexibility Factory is here to help you


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My name is Kasey and I am passionate about helping working parents achieve a life balance between work and their family.

Unless you are lucky enough to win Lotto, we all need to work so why not work on our own terms – rather than anyone else’s?

The world has changed over recent years.

People don’t need to spend 12-14 hours days chained to their desk in order to get ahead.

There are new ways of working that are yours for the taking.

With 20+ years of people management and leadership experience, as well as setting up and running successful businesses, I have had to learn most of those skills from scratch.

I know what works and what doesn’t work. I want to share info and resources with others to help them achieve a better life for themselves and their family.

The Flexibility Factory provides training and advice for working parents to choose the way that THEY want to work.

Through working for a great employer that recognises the benefits of flexible working.

Or working for many employers by becoming a freelancer.

OR stepping into the world of online entrepreneurship as a business owner.

– The Flexibility Factory is here to help.